Topics to talk about during a date

Dating is important, and getting ready for dating topics is the beginning of successful dating.

1.Dynamics and Size of Family

This helps us in finding out whether our date belongs to a big family and its history, tradition and values.

Any person would love to speak about his/her family which makes this topic a sure shot topic for a date.


Each and every passion has a hobby or passion that he/she follows because of the sole pleasure derived out of it. Hence, hobbies make for interesting dating conversation topics. Discussion can range from music to fitness, and travel to culinary preferences.

Talking about hobbies also helps in gauging the compatibility with your date. The kind of hobbies that a person follows has deep roots within the very personality of a person and hence these discussions are immensely helpful.

3.Fond Memories

With the passage of life, we leave behind a lot of memories that hold a special place in our heart. Discussing about these instances, instantly strikes a soft chord with the other person.

This topic helps in bringing out the emotional self of the other person and if he/she finds that we are genuinely interested, an instant connect is developed.

4.Crazy Instances

There is no denying the fact that if two people are able to share a good laugh together, there will not be much time before both of them will grow really fond of each other.

Talking about the various crazy things that the other person has done helps immensely in this regard. It is also an important topic as far as digging out hidden information is concerned about one’s habits and addictions.

5.Money Spending Preferences

This makes for an interesting topic as it helps in gauging about our date’s spending habits and priorities.

This is important to know as far as long term association with respect to financial values and ethics are concerned.


Talking about one’s ambition helps in finding the current satisfaction level of that person. If a person has been in the same profession for a long time, he is more likely to commit for a long term relationship on account of his/her stable mindedness.

A person who has ambitions of moving over to different profession may not instantly commit for a relationship.

7.Relationships and Routine

This topic can be used for discussing about our date’s closeness with his/her family which gives us an indication about how important relationships are for him/her.

Routine is probably one of the most effective dating conversation topics as everyone loves talking what they are doing.

8.Expectations from a Date

Some people tend to have idealistic viewpoints and unrealistic expectations which might lead to future incompatibility.

Hence, knowing the expectations straight away helps a lot in developing a long lasting relationship.

Proper preparation and clear mindedness helps a lot in deriving the most out of a date.

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