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Online dating is an important way to help you find a partner in life. Following 13 rules will help you date.

General Online Dating Rules

Do not jump right away to the decision. There are thousands of online profiles available to go through. Decide your criteria you are looking for in your partner and then short list personals to go through.

Same time, it doesn’t mean you will start dating immediately. Give some time to go through majority of personals and check things first.

Get handle on all kind of communication tools such as wink tools, ice breaker tool etc. Also make use of all communication mediums such as e-mail, blogs, chat room and personal message board of the personal profile.

Communicate with more single people rather than restricting yourself to few.

Reason is simple; it will give you an opportunity to test the water thoroughly and always believe in one “More the Merrier”.

If Person of your interest has blog on profile then start posting interesting comments on the topic he or she likes. That will create bright impression on that person.

Also, take part in chat rooms where you will have potential to know more people.

Most importantly, believe in your guts. If your gut feeling says that something is not going right with the person you are communication then stop right there.

Tips for Women

Avoid all those people who annoy you. Block their communication to your profile so that you will stop receiving any communication from them.

Do not use your real name in profile. Create one nice nick name instead of your real name. While choosing nick name make sure to avoid any tempting words such as “hot lips” etc.

It might create totally wrong image about you on the person you are interested in.

Add your current face picture to your personal ad. Usually personals with face picture get more attention.

Once you are comfortable with the person you are communicating through e-mail then exchange phone number and decide to meet in public place.

Before you go to meet the person, make sure you inform about your date to your close friend or family member.

Tips for Men

For Men, very important thing is to say the truth. If you are not interested in the person just tell the truth.

Instead of ignoring her, just send a brief email to her explaining the situation.

If you are interested in girl, do not hesitate to ask her out for the date. Dating is all about asking her out.

Usually girls are always waiting for the moment when Man asks her to go on a date.

When you meet her, never ever talk about your other dates from online dating. That’s a big turn off for the woman.

Even if you feel that date is not going well or you don’t like her personally during the first date, still always be polite and courteous. It’s all about being polite.

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