Handsome guys like fat girls or thin girls

Fat girls and thin girls may be the characteristics of birth, we cannot change our own characteristics, what type of girls handsome guys like?

A skinny, hot woman with a negative, arrogant attitude is not attractive at all in a man’s eyes. Although physical experiences can give some women an edge to get a guy interested initially.

In the long run, a woman’s pleasant, outgoing, fun personality is so much more important than her weight on a scale.

For chubby girls, the smart thing to do is to give a guy enough time and opportunity to discover their inner beauty. A lot of times, some women feel like if a guy doesn’t fall head-over-heals within the first 30 seconds of meeting her, all is lost.

This is wrong! The skinny women have the advantage of getting a guy’s attention fast. But, if the chubby girl gives herself enough opportunity, time, and repetitive exposure for a guy to discover her magnetizing personality, she just cancels out the initial advantage skinny girls may enjoy.

For a chubby girl, it’s absolutely possible to have a hot guy fall for you. But you are required to do two things:

First, you need to be your own best advocate. You have to truly believe that you are beautiful and happy just the way you are.

This true, firm belief will bring anyone to your way of thinking in no time. Be patient and always believe that given time, you can bring anyone to your healthy, positive, view of your lovely self.

Second, you can’t be frustrated. Some people are just plain superficial and mean. They like to pick on others to elevate themselves. Stay away from those people.

You deserve to be with kind, positive people who believe that beauty is more than skin deep. So, don’t be frustrated, be the happy you, and most importantly, be your own best advocate and let the world know you’re beautiful just the way you are.

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