How to make a guy jealous

How to make a man jealous of you? How to attract his attention.

If a guy never gets jealous no matter what you do, he’s not interested enough. A guy who passionately loves you, cares for you will want to give you the world, as long as he’s the only male in it. From my coaching experience, getting a guy jealous is something a woman should know.

I don’t recommend torturing men and playing with their hearts. But I do highly recommend spicing things up once in a while to keep his fire burning hot for you.

Before I talk about how to make a guy jealous, I want to warn you about one MISTAKE women make. You should never try to get a guy jealous by talking about another guy who’s hotter, younger, and fitter than he is. This doesn’t work in the long run. And honestly, any guy with self-respect won’t put up with this kind of behavior.

This is a fatal mistake many women make when trying to get a guy jealous. Don’t do it, if you want to attract and keep a high quality man with healthy self-esteem.

But there’s a right way to make a guy jealous and achieve your goal of spicing things up, making him pay more attention to you, and rekindling the fire he feels for you.

The guy should feel jealous about the things you’re passionate for. For example, if you spend a lot of time riding horses (your passion), you may see your guy get jealous and complain about you don’t spend enough time with him. This is a great situation to be in!

A man should never get too comfortable with a woman, because that’s where boredom kicks in.

He should always be amazed with the various things you’re passionate about, intrigued by your independence, and jealous over your hobbies and quality times you spend with your friends.

This is the right way to get a guy jealous and the way to make a relationship last a very long time.

Try to learn a new hobby, volunteer for an organization, and stop planning all your weekends around him! You’ll be surprised how many sparks this will bring back to your relationship

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