What do women want from men?

Maybe you are still single. Finding out what kind of men do women like is the best way to get rid of being single.

1.Women want to meet the second half and looking for love. They need a man to love and romantic dates.

“Looking for an interesting man for love, and then as given. But really want a complete family.

“I want to find the man she loved. To love and be loved.

“I want an intelligent, handsome, strong, interesting, caring, gentle man.

“Find a faithful, loving, romantic, modest, generous man.”

Women want to start a family, looking for a man serious relationship and marriage .

They are attracted by a man rich and successful, real, kind and serious. Querying these women sound like this:
“I want to get acquainted with a man for serious relationship.”

“Meet a man for creation family.

“I very much want a complete family.”

“I’m not married … Seeking a life partner.

“I have serious intentions, I want to start a family.”

“I want to get acquainted with a man from 30 to 35, preferably without children, and free from the bond of matrimony for a serious relationship.”

“I want to meet with an independent and free, male 30-40L, from 180cm to long-term relationship.

Many women are looking for communication, they want away from loneliness . They intend to meet the man for flirting and easy communication.

“Understanding, not necessarily for marriage, just encounter.

“I met a man at a party, had guaranteed an easy communication within a month.

Enough, though later parted . I go to the next party, seeking a serious introduction to the marriage.

“I’m over 30. I want to find a man to meet. ”

“I want to spend the evening with an interesting man without bad habits.

“We can meet a reliable man who will save me from loneliness!”

4.Rich Men with money and material support! Many women openly say they are satisfied with only well-endowed man. But this does not mean that they find. Sometimes we have to adjust their demands to get away from loneliness.

“Men need a well-groomed, naturally has its own car, apartment, villa, and that the man smelled: a serious, intelligent, successful.”

“Looking only profitable relationship!”

“To marry a rich man!”

“I am interested in men money. I do not matter what a man, the main thing that was money.

Man on spec. request. These requests come from women who know exactly what they want.

“I’m over 30. Need a man from Manhattan. Going there on business.

It is necessary that there was a friend and at the same time their business done. ”

“I know that men like me, but that I liked – this is difficult. I have high standards.

I know that from myself something to present. Well I know what I want. To turn away many men who express their sympathy and ask for the phone.

“Man needs of Georgians to smokers and was similar to Meladze. But I do not own a Georgian. ”

“I would like to meet decent Scorpio or Libra for long-term relationship.

Man “normal, appropriate and without problems.” Increasingly, women from a request reads: “Looking for a normal man for serious relationship.

“All people held and complex. When you begin to communicate, each has its own facilities, cockroaches in my head”

“Seeking a man, capable of solving domestic problems and not laying them on women’s shoulders.”

“I want to find a man without a problem.

7.Male – Prince of happiness! Women of all ages tend to dream and hope for a miracle of love!

“I hope for mutual love.”

“Seeking the man of her dreams”

“I want to make it all like a fairy tale!”

“I want something magical!”

“Find your fate!”

“I want a simple, human happiness!”

Suddenly lucky and meet the very

“Find Prince of Lamborghini!”

Not only a man! Women over 30 are looking for on the evening of new friends, and find!

Many say that the man of her dreams are not met at club acquaintance party, But found a new girlfriend and is now talking!

“I want to meet and make new friends.”

“Friend met, Nadia name!”

“I’m 45 years old, but I look younger, and I’d like to meet with their peers.”

“There is a desire to expand the circle of acquaintances, ideally – to meet the man of her dreams”.

If you are still single, you need to be brave to express your love.

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