What types of guys do girl like?

In movies, girls always like bad guys. They have money? A person’s appearance is the focus of girls’ attention.
What types of guys do girl like?

The problem is in women. They don’t tell you straight out what they want. It’s their nature; they say one million words and none of them is useful to define their wishes and desires.

Because deep down they really don’t know what they really want.

Ok, so they say they want a man who’s “in touch with his sensitive side”, and the next minute they’re in love with dudes that treat them like crap. That may seem unfair, but that’s how nature works.

When a woman says she is looking for a sensitive man, she’s telling the truth. But that’s not all she wants. She wants a man that will be able to protect her, a tough man, and a true hero.

She also wants an interesting man. A man that strayed away from the straight-and-narrow to take control of his own life. A man that goes where he wants and does what he wants without asking for permission.

Bad guys are like that. They may not be sensitive but hey, they have all those other qualities. Good guys, on the other hand, are dull and boring.

Bad guys are also confident and self assured. They know who they are and don’t give a dam to what other people think. They don’t have to be in shape to look good.

These guys become attractive by simply accepting their true selves and showing it to the world. Truth is beautiful, even when it’s ugly.

And to top all this, these guys represent a challenge. If you think guys like challenges, you should see women. They love challenges even more than us.

They really believe every challenge will lead to a worthwhile conquest. They are the kind of people who really believe in that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, even when there’s no rainbow to be seen.

They’ll do anything to conquer the challenge, and once they’ve done it they just won’t let go. Especially because bad guys tend to walk away without previous notice. The greater the danger of losing a man, the more a woman will want to keep him.

All that combined, we have a man who’s powerful, strong-willed, confident, unpredictable and interesting. Boy, even I would have to like a guy like this! This is the kind of guy who gets all the girls!

But don’t worry. You don’t have to be “Mr. Bad Dude with an Attitude” to pick up good dates, while browsing through online dating services. But there are a few lessons you could learn from these dudes.

You can add all those qualities to your online dating weaponry without having necessarily to become a sociopath.

First of all, you must accept who you are. See yourself under a good light. Love the man that lurks inside of you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a geek, a businessman or an artist. If you don’t like who you are, then you’re not being true to yourself about who you really are.

If you’re good in what you do, if you like it and obtains success in doing it, then there’s no reason to embrace it. Once you start to like yourself, confidence will be with you always.

Second, trust your guts. Think carefully when dealing with important questions, like work and health, but be a little more deliberate on the trivial stuff.

Why should you have your night in the city fully planned? Can’t you just take your babe out and let things flow? See what happens?

Third, do not tell her everything you did or doing or intend to do. Just because you think your life is interesting, it doesn’t mean she will want to know about it.

In fact, she will, once she notices you don’t mention it frequently. But if you tell her every little thing you do, you’ll bore her. Be a little more enigmatic.

Don’t answer all her questions right away. And do not be available all the time. How do you expect her to look for you if you’re always nearby? Save some of yourself for yourself. Once she starts to see you as a mystery, she will do everything in her power to solve this mystery.

And be a gentleman. If you treat her right, respect her and care for her, you’ll have all the qualities of the bad boys plus one. And no bad boy could ever beat that.

let’s move!

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