Dating online with friends

If you are single and want to date your friends? This may destroy the friendship, if you really like someone, start acting.

There’s nothing wrong in having romantic feelings for a man you’ve become friends with. In fact, your friend could be really flattered with the fact.

Flirt a little. Tell your friend about the thing you find attractive, about the qualities he may have.

Try not to get involved in your friend’s romantic issues. If your friend starts to see you as the “Problem Solver”, if you’re always on speed dial every time your friend needs to process a bad relationship, then you’re already sitting on Friendship Kingdom’s throne.

Of course you should help your friend occasionally, but make sure you’re not the one he associates with problems. When you offer to help, be sure to make it clear that you’re happy to assist for a while, but say you have plans for the day. It will make you look a little mysterious and have your friend wondering who else is getting your attention.

If you’re aware of your friend’s passions, suggest fun and interesting activities that you know your friend will enjoy doing alone. Never tell that friend to invite someone else to do anything.

If you’ve already met in real life, propose activities that will create unique memories.

Things none of you has ever done with other people.

If you have been recently dumped, confide in a friend you don’t have feelings for! When talking to your love interest, you should keep an upbeat attitude and stay confident.

Those are two of the most attractive qualities cited by singles when looking for a mate.

Of course, not every friendship ends with a romantic happy ending, and you may have to be prepared, in case your crush just wants to stay your friend.

If that really comes to happen, you’ll have to decide if that’s enough for you.

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