how to build a good relationship

Different relationships bring us happiness and pain. Are you in a good relationship? We have find some common ground in good relationships

Are you happy?

In order to be happy you need to have by your side a person to love you unconditionally and try to help you be a better person. To be happy you need to be free to make your own decisions, without being afraid that he/she does not agree.

You also need to have respect, sincerity and communication.

In this relationship you feel you are yourself?

Your partner needs to understand the differences between you and accept them. You should be free to express yourself even if he/she does not approve of it. Do not forget you have a relationship, you are equal and none of you should be bossy.

Do you think your partner treats you right?

In a relationship both partners are equal and neither of them must be a dictator. Your partner should be your lover and friend, be always there for you (even if you don’t do things right) but also to stop you from doing something wrong, without being bossy.

If you have done it, you are good, if you have not done it, start adjusting yourself

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