Why don’t guys take the initiative

After a successful date, after a period of time, the boy didn’t express his feelings for you, usually before he was married, he was anxious, maybe anxiety about life, he didn’t dare to start a relationship

It could really disappoint you when you’re already head over heels in love with a guy. Only to find out that he’s among the men who have commitment-phobia. Is it a maturity issue? After all he’s not a kid any more. And once he gets past forty years old, you’d think he would know what he wants. Here are some of the reasons why he avoids relationships.

They like dating other women. What else can you do? He’s an alpha-male. He enjoys attention from other gals. He loves the company of not just one. It’s not because he is a player. Some men just take pleasure in meeting new people. They find delight in getting to know other ladies and going out non-exclusively. The good thing about these men is that they are straightforward about it. Most of them blurt out their rules from the first time they date you. They are honest about it and they would only date women who are okay with it.

They fear serious relationships. They know that when you are in a relationship there are certain limitations. There are obligations and rules. They feel imprisoned and suffocated by all of it. Freedom is what they want. Guys want to be free to do everything they want without asking permission from someone. If you are in a serious relationship, you always have to consider your partner’s feelings. Hence, there are things that you’d prefer not to do because you don’t want to hurt anyone. This is what you should know on why men won’t commit.

He’s not willing to experience relationship dramas. Men are carefree and spontaneous. Most men love peace and excitement, but never dramas that come with relationships. Women love to make men guess and to sometimes pick a fight. Dealing with nagging girlfriends are just plain disruptions to them.

They’re dodging pain. Most people may not acknowledge it, but guys do fall in love. They may not seem to be emotional and expressive, but they have hearts, too. Most of them who dislike commitment are the ones who have badly been hurt before. Their past experiences made them fear serious attachment. They thought they have experienced the worst heartbreak ever. Because of that, they don’t want to put themselves out there and be vulnerable again.

He says that he hasn’t met the right lady yet, so he could pop the question. The reasons not to discussed above fly out the window once he meets a woman that he doesn’t what to live without. He suddenly can’t remember what has been holding him back from a committed relationship. His commit issues somehow don’t seem like such a big deal to him anymore. But this does not apply to all men. Don’t let yourself get sucked into a trap thinking that every man is the same and that you can change him if you are patient enough. There are men that are commitment adverse no matter what.

If you like boys, don’t stop dating, wait patiently, he confirms that he likes you, you will succeed

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