Try to approach to beauty

There will be some beauties of life, they are smart and hard work, but we dare not confess, I believe that I start to understand her, you may become different

Now when a woman herself decides upon her attractive instincts, she will naturally look for a guy who will compliment her charm. so when you decide upon approaching attractive women, make sure that you posses at least something that will interest her.

When you are approaching attractive women, treat that as the most important task at your hand at the moment. Women will love if they are given so much ‘dedicated’ importance. You can show this dedication by pro-actively proposing for the next meet, enthusiastically deciding on the venue, and over all showing 100% zest in seeing her again. Don’t over-do it, but it would be nicer if you start with giving her some cute (may be not too expensive) gifts. Let her decision be the final, and don’t intervene with it unless it is too exorbitant. This spoiling factor works really well while approaching attractive women.

One of the most important rule of approaching attractive women is to realize that they will have ‘loads of’ (may be better) options. Your task is to prove that you are an inch ahead and taller than others. You might have to do hard-work in this regard, and she may realize that you are trying ‘really’ hard… but nothing to worry. In most cases, this feminine-realization works quite in our favor. She might feel special, as so much struggle is happening just to win her. Who doesn’t like to be fought for?

While approaching attractive women, always keep in mind that you are approaching attractive women, who are one of a kind… unique. You don’t really think so… never mind… but still believe it.

Approaching attractive women is not all about them, but it’s about you too. Make good and conscious care of yourself that will appear unconscious… I mean not intentional. Make yourself too a piece of eye-candy.

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