Learn about online dating

Online dating is a good idea. If you haven’t started using it yet, you need to pay attention to the following questions to help you better understand online dating

Paying for an online dating experience does not guarantee that you will find someone. There are many paid dating sites that claim scientifically proven matches which is a bunch of hogwash. You can not scientifically prove that two people will match otherwise there would be so many more happy marriages. You can have similar interests, believes, value systems, religions and cultural influences but these similar characteristics and attributes does not guarantee that both individuals will be lifelong mates.
Go ahead and pay for an online dating service to get the experience of saying ‘been there done that’ and then tell others. Make sure you share your positive experiences and negative experiences.

I highly recommend that you register on free online dating services. Register on several and check out the different profiles. The reason I recommend that you register on several sites is because one, it’s Free, and second you have a chance of expanding your visibility to users on other sites. Therefore by simply increasing your profiles on other free sites you have increased your chances of meeting someone.

Paid sites are not better than Free sites. Free sites are highly sophisticated ‘machines’ and offer just as many people looking for the same thing. What paid sites offer you that free sites don’t, is that more serious people have paid money to get serious responses. When you have people putting their own hard earned money into a service or product they are serious buyers and want the investment from their money. Free sites can never offer you this!

Yes, there are more real profiles on paid sites than free sites. The very nature of people putting their money for a service will more likely create more honest profiles. I did not say completely honest, but will be more honest. Free sites on the hand offer less incentive for people being completely honest unless they are seriously looking for people to meet. Some people post fake profile on free sites because it is free, heck, nothing to loose!

Getting your money back from a paid site is difficult. Remember, most likely the service that you are paying for is in US currency and because these companies are located in some obscure place in the world, simply calling them and getting an immediate response is next to impossible. There might be a site there that does give a refund but in most cases just accept it as a loss and learn from your experience.

Be careful when you are signing up, in the terms of service or payment, in very small letters they might bill you monthly until you cancel the payment or the company has received a cancellation notice from you. In some cases, I have heard horror stories where they keep billing you in small amounts so you don’t notice and when you do try to contact them, it is extremely difficult. Please be careful and read the fine print before sharing your credit card number.

Almost everyone here knows someone who has used an online dating service at one point when trying to meeting someone. Some people have horror stories but many have great stories. I have personal friends that have used online dating and are now married. My friends would not have met each other due to their distance apart or because their lives were just so different but with online dating their dreams have come to reality.

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