What is the perfect girlfriend

Most people know that men like beautiful girl with perfect body. Of course, this is just the beginning of dating

Guys like women’s curves, their smiles, the way they walk and everything else. This may sound overly simple. However, the fact is that so often women fall into the “I’m not good enough” trap. They believe that this is the reason that they don’t have the relationship of their dreams.

So what are 3 things that nearly every guy likes in a woman?

Treating all men the same
Guys like women who are nice to all men. Yes, this means the successful ones as well as the losers, and the men who are shy as well as those that emote confidence. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the women date all of these men. But, in general, it is beneficial if they are respectful and kind to all men. Yes, many men will ask them out for dates that they have no interest in dating. However, they gracefully decline those invitations that don’t interest them.

A woman who smiles often
Women who smile often convey to men that they are easy to approach and fun to be around. Their smiles convey a softness that men find very appealing.

A woman who doesn’t argue.
This point doesn’t mean that a woman should do whatever a guy asks, but instead that the way she disagrees is measured. This means no yelling or shouting. In fact, what guys really like is a woman who knows how to put them in their place in a quiet and confident way.

Now these are by no means the only things guys like. However, what these points all have in common is that they make a man feel a woman’s feminine energy. It’s the same thing that happens when she is with men she is not interested in dating. She is relaxed and carefree. She doesn’t worry about whether they like her or not because, frankly, she does care.

Men ask out women who have this ability to be at ease. They radiate cute and cuddly and awaken a man’s feelings, which is the key to getting a man’s attention. The more a woman practices the three suggestions I have mentioned, the more comfortable she will appear to men.

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