Should I call after dating

After your perfect date, two guys love each other, everything goes well, suddenly, he doesn’t call me anymore, what should we do?

If it’s only been a couple of days, then it’s too early to start panicking. Often a man will hold back on calling you because he doesn’t want you to think that he’s desperate. This could even go on for a week or two. Sometimes, by the time he calls, you have already started to get over him.

Of course, the first thing that you need to know about men and calling is that, just because he asked for your number, does not mean that he intended to call you. Many men will do this out of politeness because they felt it was expected and they did not want to spoil a good evening. He may have felt obliged to take your number, especially if you offered it to him.

Perhaps he did intend to call but now he has changed his mind. It may be that he already has someone in his life or he’s not looking for a relationship just now. When you met him, it may have seemed like a harmless idea to have a bit of flirt, but in the cold light of day, he realised that it was not what he wanted.

It could be that he’s not calling because he doesn’t feel comfortable with something that you have said or something that has happened between the two of you. If you are chasing him or, if you are too keen or too easy, he may start to feel smothered or think that you are desperate. Perhaps he has just realised that you are looking for something serious with him and he doesn’t feel quite ready for it.

If you have been seeing a man for a few dates, then sometimes he will just not call to see how you react. If your response to this is negative, then he knows he has you hooked. This is your chance to show him what a quality woman you are by not taking his bait. Pretend that you have been far too busy to notice and you will soon have his attention.

Whatever his reason for not calling, whether it’s that he’s just not interested in you or he’s busy with other things in his life, is not for you to know. If he’s not calling you then he is already letting you know that he doesn’t want to, or doesn’t want to yet, or doesn’t want to enough. It is pointless for you to try and win this man by chasing after him and bombarding him with calls and texts. Put him out of your head until either you hear from him or you’ve forgotten who he is.

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