what to say to a girl at the gym

You may meet someone you like at the gym, but when you want to be close to the girl, the girl may only care about fitness, the girl may not notice your presence, and there are more excellent boys at the gym

Well the first thing I’ll tell you is meeting girls at the gym can be downright great opportunities. You obviously both share an interest in fitness and you already have a mutual respect going in your favor. However one thing girls also downright despise is being ogled while working out. They could also really care less if you can show them a “better way to workout” or a “better way to do that lift.”

First things first; when you see her, simply catch her eye and give her a smile. That’s it. Go about your business and finish your workout. You obviously are there for a reason and it’s certainly not to meet her. You both there to work out. Running over to her in the middle of your workout only communicates weakness/supplication. You’re subconsciously telling her that you’re willing to stop what you’re doing because she has a pretty face.

All women hate this. Don’t ever think a woman is amazing simply for her looks. Make her prove she’s more than just another looker. Doing just this one thing will land you with so many women.

So what to do? Well, finish your workout namely and make sure she’s not full on into her workout yet. Then come in with ton’s of energy! If she’s doing plank exercises or push ups, drop down next to her and challenge her who can hold that position the longest. Cheat and push on her elbows then flat out deny you did any such thing.

Say silly things like you’re done working out but you think you should do more butt exercises because your pregnancy is causing you to gain all sorts of weight. Ask if she minds you working in on her machine/weights and struggle to do even one rep.

The key for how to approach girls at the gym is timing and energy. When both of you are really into your workouts, it’s never good to make an approach. When she’s doing light exercises after her workout is great because she’s coming down off the work out high and there you are swooping in with tons of energy and making her laugh.

Get out there and start making them laugh

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