how to get attention from a girl

It is difficult for people to get along with each other, if you want to find someone you like, you must get the attention of the other person

Both sexes may have visions of being rejected that takes them all the way back to their high school days. Women may have struggled with low self esteem back then, that they hardly get asked on a date. Men may have had their shares of rejection from cheerleaders and attractive girls during high school, that through the years, they may still have a hard time asking women out.

For women, though it is a lot tougher. It has been a common notion that it should be men who should ask women out, but what if the one you have in mind is too shy to even try? Well, you can make things a lot easier for him.

For one thing, you can start a conversation and talk about something trivial, like the weather. Or if you happen to meet the guy in a supermarket, perhaps you can talk about how much prices have gone up, or give him a tip on which coffee beans tastes better?

You can pay him a sincere compliment about his being a smart shopper, or maybe about his nice new car, but not about his looks.

You need to pick the right place, though to start a conversation, as some men may get the wrong ideas, if you bump into them, say in a bar and you just start being too friendly all of a sudden. It may be taken as a “pick me up” hint from you.

Perhaps you met him at a coffee shop and you notice that he comes there often. You could also mention that you like the coffee or the doughnuts in this shop, that’s why you keep coming back as well.

These are safe conversations, that could actually open up an opportunity for further talks. There is no rule against women starting a conversation with men, for as long as they don’t come off as too strong or offensive.

Just be aware of the time and the place first, and see if it is appropriate for you to initiate the approach. If there’s a possibility that he likes you, it is up to him to find a way to get the conversation going. It may even lead to an interesting discussion that both of you would enjoy.

There are many ways to get noticed by a great guy, you just need to be creative about it, but the first step really is finding the guts to start a conversation with a guy who interests you.

For all you know, the one guy that you find interesting may also feel the same way about you, but just never really got the guts to say hello to you. Help him out by appearing friendly and approachable, flashing him your sweetest smile, and letting him know that you welcome the opportunity of knowing him better.

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