How to find a girlfriend

Try to express your true intentions,A simple “Hi” is enough for opener; she may answer with her own “hi”, after that you can continue with “is this seat empty?” (while pointing on the seat beside her) or toss a compliment on anything unique about her. Avoid compliment her face or body, however, you can compliment her accessories, outfit, shoes, hairstyle, etc. If you speak to her at her workplace, you can start with something like “long day?” and such.

You will never be a pro on how to approach girls if you don’t know how to decide on your target and lower your failure rate. The technique is really simple: lock your eyes on hers (regardless if she is still not looking at you). Sooner or later, you’ll have eye-to-eye contact with her; at that time, SMILE; remember to keep it a friendly and polite smile. If she smiles back, it’s a very good sign; if she immediately detach the eye contact and look somewhere else, go search for someone else.

When you’ve already had “green light” (she is smiling back), walk toward her and ensure she sees you doing that. Don’t suddenly show up at her back, she will freak out and you will immediately fall to “stalker” group. When you have arrived (ensure that she is not busy or involved in a conversation with another person at the moment), sustain eye contact and ensure that your body language shows that you are confident and comfortable being close to her.

Truth to be told, many guys that have asked me “how to approach girls” have this difficulty. They push themselves to walk closer, but lose their self confidence and being totally anxious around her. Commonly, the signs of this loss of confidence are looking somewhere else while speaking, wrong positioning (she does not even aware that you currently next to her), and having difficult time to express anything right.

I cannot actually say there is something that can resolve that instantly; you must have the “I am not below her” way of thinking and eliminate “she’s out of my league” way of thinking; the rest is practice again and again. You’ll be inevitably have unpleasant responses occasionally, but if you have done the “eye-locking and smile” first, it is very less likely for you to get really unpleasant reaction.

If you want to learn how to approach girls, master the key: self confidence. Start by convincing yourself that you are not beneath her and try to maintain eye contact as you’re talking to her. You’ll find it difficult at first since it is about changing your own mindset and body language, but you’ll get there eventually.

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